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United Structural is proud to be so frequently selected to handle some of the highest profile and unique structures in steel.  When Princeton University needed a complete design for acoustically isolated catwalks for its Lewis Art Complex; United Structural was there from the beginning working closely with the design team to solve all the problems that come with a structure designed to move.  We provided the complete design, co-ordinated with the lighting and theatre contractors and completed a complete BIM round trip with HVAC contractors to complete a simple and erectable structure in a complex space.

Dealing with existing structures can be a challenge.  When you’re renovating an iconic (World Record breaking) bridge that is more than a century old you need flawless co-ordination from a detailer who speaks your language.  We were proud to be selected for such a beautiful and innovative project.

Not all projects are glamorous.  When United structural was called in to recover the schedule on the Back River Waste Water treatment plant after another company’s details were not coming in on time or on spec, the schedule was already aggressive.  100s of tons of steel trusses were due on site and no drawings were ready for fabrication.  We worked closely with our client to analyse and correct existing drawings and sequence them closely so each truss arrived on site as it was needed.

The Rochester Public Market is the soul of our city.  A gathering place for thousands each weekend and the site of many of our childhood memories.  United structural was proud to be selected to provide the steel details for the hundreds of tons of complex trusses and architecturally exposed steel.  

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