United Structural LLC

Our Mission

Our detailers are more concerned with getting your structure drawn right, instead of simply drawn quickly.  We strive to ensure that the final product is complete – even when the design drawings are not.  We take an old-school drafting table approach to quality while utilizing cutting edge software to design, manage and produce all of the outputs our customers need.  From RFI’s and approval drawings, to shop and erection details, to MRP and CNC; we make sure you have everything you are looking for.

Our History

After working as in-house detailers for a fabricator for many years, we decided to strike out on our own in 2013.  From the beginning, we ran things lean with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and efficiency.  We built our own custom computer systems and started making payments on a single license of SDS/2.  For the first year, we would take turns driving the physical hasp back and forth between our home offices to work opposite shifts.  By the end of that first year, we had picked up our second license of SDS/2 as well as our first full-time employee.  By investing in better software and refining our processes, we have been able to steadily build ourselves up.  Adding staff, more detailing stations and pioneering remote connectivity solutions that allowed us to move beyond our competition.


Our custom designed remote virtual servers allow us the ability to train and work with anyone with a decent internet connection.  This means we don’t have to deal with the added overhead expense of renting a brick-and-mortar office, utilities, and insurance costs that are typically built into other detailers’ pricing.  Our customers are able to enjoy “discount offshore pricing” but with the quality of domestic detailers.  Through the cloud technology we employ, our customers can utilize us like their own in-house staff by joining our virtual office to collaborate over contract drawings, the model, and the final drawings.

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