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American Steel Detailers

Quality Detailing and Project Management

These days everybody with modeling program and a computer thinks they are a detailer. Our detailers have worked in fabrication shops – this experience makes sure that you get the dimensions that your fitters need to get the job done. 

It also means that our detailers are more concerned with getting the building drawn right, rather than drawn quickly. We will ensure that the final project is complete even when the design drawings are not. 

Any detailer can tell you that checking your own work leads to errors. Every job we draw includes complete checking by an independent checker. This results in fewer errors and more efficient fabrication.

Detail drawings are all about communicating design needs to the fabrication team.

Offshore detailers simply can’t communicate effectively, leading to confusion and inevitable errors. Get your questions answered by somebody you understand and who understands you. 

When you work with an American steel detailer at United Structural, you don’t have to worry about lost drawings, revision control, or missing RFI responses. Using SDS2, Bluebeam and a variety of other tools, we ensure that your job is always backed up and your red-lines are up-to-date. When RFI responses or approval drawings are late returning, we will make sure to remind you so that you can remind your customer and control project schedule. Documenting project delays seem to be a full-time job these days and we’re here every step of the way.


Whether you need KISS files or complete CNC, we can deliver. 

We have an array of online collaboration tools to make communication as easy as possible. From the Design Review to fabrication, everybody is on the same page.

Digital As-Builts

Our detailers maintain a complete set of design drawings constantly updated with all RFIs markups and pertinent addenda. Don’t worry about your red-line sets or a missing addendum. Everything is incoporated every time and your in-house team will be kept up to date without ever printing or reviewing an addendum.

Change Order Handling

We know that sometimes your estimators can’t keep up with the amount of change orders that result from today’s lack luster design drawings. At your request, we can provide you with a complete summary of each design change – even the ones the design team might not admit to. We will provide all the backup you need to make your case.

RFI Maintenance

When the design drawings fall short and RFIs become necessary, it can become a hassle to receive incoherent RFIs from detailers that require review and transposition before being sent on to the design team. We will completely review the design drawings before issuing RFIs on your letterhead. We will maintain the RFI log and maintain the as-built drawings at all times in the detailing process.

Connection engineering & design

When you need your connections signed and sealed by a professional engineer, we have consultants on board that can stamp our calculations in virtually any state. Our engineers are experienced in connection design and particularly familiar with our designs. This provides a streamlined process to benefit your in-house project management team.

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AISC Quality Certification Consultation

Whether you’ve got a robust Quality Control Program already in place, or you need to start from the ground up, we can get you there.

It’s Time to Join the Club

In 2007, there were about 490 certified fabricators.  As of 2022, there are over 1,600 certified fabricators and erectors! Specifications, in almost all markets, increasingly require certification, especially on large public works projects. Certification is quickly becoming necessary to continue operating. 

More than just a stamp of approval

Quality certification is much more than simply a stamp of approval for your fabrication abilities. Certified fabricators find ways each year to improve processes in not only fabrication, but in every aspect of their business. From equipment maintenance to proper documentation, we will get you started. Helping you to refine the process you already have in place, adding any documentation where it may be required and often removing redundancies in your processes. This is one of the ways our service pays for itself. We understand which processes are actually necessary to receive and maintain certification. Some other consultants will provide you with a canned QC manual, forcing you to change your processes to suit their cookie cutter template. We will build your QC program from the ground up; tailoring it to your existing practices and minimizing any additional workload for your staff.

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